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Pilot test July 12, 2014

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Engineers, myself included, are a special bunch. We build things to benefit the soceity. We solve engineering problems to make the world better. We develop technologies to make processes more efficient. We invent things to make life more enjoyable.

We observe. We analyze. We hypothesize. We test concept in the lab. We theorize based on observations. We pilot test ideas in the field. We learn from our mistakes. We modify our procedures. We try it out for real in the real world. We monitor results. We prevent disasters. We come up with back-up plans. We apply our succesd to other areas. We continue to learn.

We are completely different from people who rely on their big mouth to make a living: lawyers, politicians, talkshow hosts, for example. They don’t solve problems. They don’t look for solutions. They attack. They do not admit fault. They change topics. They discover problem for their opponents even though they themselves are the problem. They come up with wedge issues to make others stumble along to defend their positions. They are truoble makers.

In case you don’t know, take a look of this table and see the difference.

習近平   化工        Obama   律師
胡錦濤   水利        Bush       律師
江澤民   電機        Clinton   律師
                               馬英九    律師
                                陳水扁   律師

Now, let me ask you this: have you noticed that China seems to PILOT test their ideas in special ‘Free Trade Zone’ such as the ‘Shanghai Free-Trade Zone’ or ‘中国(上海)自由贸易试验区’ in Pudong, China before pushing the idea out to the entire country? Just in case you don’t read Chinese, 试验区 means ‘pilot-testing zone.’



I wonder where the idea of ‘pilot-testing’ come from? Is it a mere coincidence that the recent  leaders of China are all engineers? Very few recent leaders of China studied in Beijing University where the lawyers are educated.

May be it is time that the United States elect an ‘engineer’ president. I bet my last nickel that things will get better in America.

It will be much better if we elect ‘engineers’ to the Congress and Senate.




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