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好戲登場了 June 30, 2014

Posted by hslu in China, Economics, Global Affair, Military.
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A new round of arm race in Asia is about to start with Japan’s announcement today.


Source: CNBC mobile.

Let the show begin. The last one standing will be the one with the deepest pocket and lowest debt.

Soviet Union lost the war to the United  States because the former was broke. Let’s see how much further Japan can go with a national debt to DGP ratio of 220+%. The race isn’t just about arms though. The war will be fought on the economy too.

Korea will join the race soon.

Last I checked, Japan imports about 99.5% of its crude and natural gas needs. This serious shortcoming is like the 紧箍儿 on 孫悟空’s head. As long as this choke point is being controlled by another nation, Japan’s option will  be severely limited. This is kind like a scene in 西遊記 where no matter what 孫悟空 does, the monkey king just cann’t escape from Buddha’s hand.

Btw, is this 阿倍’s secret 4th arrow since the first two got lost in oblivion and the third was more like a dart looking for a target?

We will see how far the reform will carry Japan to.

In the mean time, let’s bring it on. I have a good show to watch.

Will you join me?



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