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Insane Compensations to US Politicians June 25, 2014

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According to a Congressional Research Service report published in April 2014, many politicians are getting paid handsomely by American taxpayers:

Bill Clinton —  $944,000 in 2014. $16 millions since 2001.

GW Bush — $1.28 million in 2014. Telephone bill: $102,000. $135,000 on furniture, computers, office supplies, etc.

Obama: $1.4 billion every year.

–  The Obamas have the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever”.

–  Obama staff: 469. 226 make more than $100,000/year.

–  At least one projectionist at the WH 24 hours a day in case someone wants to watch a movie.

–  A “dog handler” makes $102,000/year to take care the dog. He goes where the dog goes.

–  Obamas frequently made separate vacations instead of going together.

Retired federal employees — ~150,000 getting paid at least $100,000/yr pensions for life.

US Senators — $4 million/yr just for “personal” and “office” expenses.

How can I pay as little tax as possible?



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