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US is still at it June 19, 2014

Posted by hslu in Global Affair, Obama, Politics.
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America has a habit to mess up other country’s government and this is yet another example of its eregrious action on display for all the world to see.


Here is the minor detail:

‘Administration Wants New Government Formed Without Divisive Prime Minister’

The key word here is ‘wants.’

Do you know how this gets done?


If a new guy is not in the office by certain date, the US Administration will punish Iraq by keeping American money away from Maliki, the divisive guy mentioned in the article.

No money=no power.

And everyone will abandon Maliki as fast as he can blink his eyes.

In the mean time, ‘the’ Administration is working with some one in Baghdad to find a new guy for the post.

It is only reasonable to think that since America put Maliki in the post in the first place, America sure has all the right to get rid of him. The fact that Maliki was elected by Iraqi people is not American’s concern. Democracy can take a back seat when it comes to American’s interests.

This time around, American’s interest is ‘It makes Obama looks real bad.’ So, something has to be done about it.

Yeah, let’s get a new government for Iraq.

Problem solved.

Will Iraqi people call America a bully?



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