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Pivot, Rebalance? US foreign policy in Disarray June 17, 2014

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American’s foreign policy has changed, again.

‘Pivot to Asia’ has changed to ‘Re-balance’ in response to the re-surgence of Russia and Al-Qaeda.

Obama appeased to Muslims but it has back fired. Al-Qaeda and other groups have come back stronger than ever. For  them, America is still their number one enemy all over the world.

America has ignored Russia for two decades but Putin came back to bite America and huminiated Obama on the world stage.

Clinton helped opened China’s door to capitalism and made China among the top economies in the world. Now, US has second thoughts about China’s uprising which threatened American leadership in the world. But the horse has come out of the barn door already. It’s too late to take it back now.

America is good at looking one or two quarters ahead just like American’s businesses.

For a year or two since 2012, the only thing you heard was ‘pivot to Asia.’ Now, Al Qaeda fire is burning on American back again. American’s foreign policy has to ‘re-balance.’ Russia came out of no-where with Putin waving a big stick. American’s foreign policy has to be re-adjusted again.

Disarray. Mess. Confusion. Chaos. Shambles.

Way over Obama’s head. Period.



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