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美国大兵:跑了 June 12, 2014

Posted by hslu in Global Affair, Obama, Oil, Politics.
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This came from Fox News website today, June 12, 2014.



Obama will take this opportunity to make a total retreat from Iraq and call it for the day. Iraqi government asks US for air strike support but will Obama agree for this? And who will pay for all the bombs? I bet it will be you and I. It sure won’t be from money from selling the Iraqi oil.

Obama once said that al Qaeda was severely wounded. I don’t think they agree though.

Two trillion American tax dollar for a half-baked democracy that is crumbling down like a house of cards. It will be the same for Afghanistan too. American’s pivot to Asia has to wait. America has a war that just won’t end. Then we have Putin to deal with too.

The down fall of America is out thrre for everyone to see. I wonder what does the king of Saudi Arabia has to say. Ditch the US dollar and sell Saudi oil in Euro?



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