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The New Three Kingdoms May 20, 2014

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China gave Putin a warm welcome because the United States forced China’s hand and linked the two together against the United States for years to come. America’s pivot to the Far East and sanctions against Russia over Crimea sowed the seeds. US’s announcement on spy charges against individuals in China yesterday when Putin was in China for a two day visit acted as the final straw on a camel’s back.

Putin found a new friend and Obama got a new enemy. How things have changed in a matter of few weeks. Things are getting more interesting now. I like to see how this new drama will unfold in the next few decades.

Now, a new Three Kingdom landscape is set and the world is entering a new world order pitting US against China and Russia with European Union?UK in the middle. Muslim nations such as Iran, Iraq and Egypt are of course major forces to reckon with but many Muslim countries are enemies with the US and they will shift the balance of power towards China and Russia alliance.

Russia will sign another long-term contract to sell natural gas to China and another pipeline will be built soon. Russian’s military technologies may be exported to China as US and its allies move to isolate Russia further.

If Putin allows China to invest in Russia, Russian’s economy will grow accordingly and the combined GDP will be a new force in the world. However, nothing is as straight forward as it seems. Russia has been the best friend for China in the past. Whether these two countries can form a lasting alliance will be tested in the near future.

However, I don’t think Putin will stop after he got Crimea and two other Eastern Ukraine states. He will need China’s backing and China will need Russian’s military technologies to advance its own military power.

It appears the friendship will probably last longer than anyone thinks is possible.

We’ll see.


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