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A surprising new find: 台北美食街 May 5, 2014

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We’ve been in Shanghai for three some years and we didn’t find this place until this afternoon:台北美食街 in 徐家汇。The food court is in the fifth floor of the 2nd phase 百脑汇 building。


The fifth floor.


梁山伯与祝英台,I saw this moving picture at 台中大戏院 when I was in JH. Still remember all the songs in 黄梅调。


I didn't know this.




EVery Taiwanese knows this sad and beautiful Taiwanese song. For a 外省人, I like this song a lot.




Either tomorrow for lunch or some other time in October we’ll be here for a visit. We’ll be leaving Shanghai for home on Tuesday.

Time flies when you are having fun exploring new things at a new place in a new city half a world away.

Many old movie posters on the wall added some nostalgie to my feeling for the place. Hope their food is equally memorable.

We’ll find out soon.

I am pretty sure it is operated by a businessman from Taiwan. Rich Taiwanese benefited from 马英九’s 三通 policy but he created many job opportunities for people in China. He also helped bit up real estate prices in Taipei such as 帝寳. I call it 滴报: a typical trickle down economic activity: for peoole, such as taxi drivers and foot massage people, who rely on rich people for their livelihood.



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