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鍍星- 台湾的悲哀 March 30, 2014

Posted by hslu in Taiwan.
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2011          350 人

2012      1,000 人

2013      4,000 人

What is this,you might ask?

Well, these were the number of Taiwanese people, mostly students freshly graduated from colleges, who went to Singapore looking for a better life.

Why Singapore, isn’t Taiwan a wealthy country, you continued?

Well, these students get paid more in Singapore than they would earn in Taiwan.

What do they do in Singapore; engineers, financial analysts. accountants or managers?

No; most of them work as waiters, waitresses, hostesses or store clerks at hotels, restaurants or boutique stores at  shopping malls and airport.

This is called 鍍星 or gold-plated in Singapore. Not a very pretty picture, isn’t it?

World Journal called it “穷茫世代” and asked “台湾,下一个菲律宾?

To be able to work in Singapore, these students received the lowest level working visa from the government. While there, as many as 20 of them share a four-bedroom house; get paid for $48,000 Taiwanese dollar a year (vs. $22,000 if they stay in Taiwan,) have no possibility to advance in their work, can’t get married in Singapore and can’t get pregnant while in the country. If they get pregnant, they either have to get an abortion without their employer’s knowledge or they will get deported by the government.

Is this the same place that I once lived for 20+ years many decades ago? Where is the hope for the young people?




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