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Wow, this is insane March 24, 2014

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An Egyptian court in the city of Minya, south of Cairo, sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death, reads one Fox News headline on March 24, 2014. The charge was murdering a policeman and attacking police. These men were convicted after only two sessions of trial even though their lawyers weren’t given more time to examine the trial material. Many of these men were tired in absentia.

Another mass trial will begin against 683 suspects facing similar charges. The fates of these people are unknown now.

Morsi was a democratically elected president in Egypt. He was ousted by a military coup. Many of his supporters were killed by the government and another 16,000 were arrested. They may face similar harsh punishment too.

These people may have to pay the price for democracy with their lives. But is democracy worth fighting for?

America has for decades promoted democracy as the one and referred way to govern. But is it?

Look at Taiwan. Democracy has bought the country to its knees. Thousands of students have stormed the office of the legislators for 10+ days demanding the withdraw of a pending legislature agreed upon by the current government and Chinese government.

Look at Thailand. Protest after protest have bought the democratically elected government to a standstill.

Look at Egypt. Democracy has no chance succeeding there because Islam is the dominant force in the society. Morsi’s democratically elected government was bought down by force. Morsi’s supporters have been killed and thousands have put in jail. A military government is in place and the future of democracy in Egypt is seriously in doubt.

Look at Iraq. Tribal killings continued even though a democratic government was put in place with American’s backing. Thousands have died and thousands more will die later. Peace has stayed away from the country after America invaded the country under Saddam.

Look at Italy. A new government was formed once every year or two. What benefit has democracy bought to Italian people?

Greece is in an even worse situation. Democracy was used by politicians to hijack ordinary people’s money and gave it away to secure votes for their next election. In the end, the country suffered in the hands of politicians who were elected under a democratic system.

And, last but not the least, look at the United States. Obama, under the disguise of democracy and with helps from Reid and Pelosi, is doing all he can to advance his followers’s benefits at the expense of the others. Wealth re-distribution has been expanding to reinforce the welfare system. Obama is looking after his party’s benefit but not the nation’s. To him, democracy is just a tool; a very effective tool, to advance his agenda even though poll after poll showed that majority of the American people don’t agree with him. This is not democracy. It is democracy under siege. And where was the opposing party in the midst of all this? Well the Republican Party was reduced to a token opposition at best under the rules laid down by the democratic system. Democracy, it appears, only exists in name only because it has broken down completely. Democracy has turned into a fight of ideology and the nation’s interests become the secondary concern to these career politicians. Urgent matter got kicked down the road and the American people, with “one person one vote” every four years, have been powerless to stop the train wreck in process. Yet, the process of democracy continues even though only a minority of voters participated in the democratic process.


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