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Crimea and Québec March 22, 2014

Posted by hslu in China.

The US has declared that they will not recognize Crimea’s referendum Sunday to join Russia. The US claimed at a UN vote that the move is illegal.

Hmmm…., I thought the United States is the last defender on earth of Democracy but apparently it comes with a qualifier: it is not democracy if it doesn’t match with American’s interests.

What if 51% of peoole in Québec want to form its own country, will America recognize the new country?

In fact, 89% of Vienetians wanted to form  ‘Repubblica Veneta’ and Spain’s influential Catalonia region wants to go independent too.

In some countries, if people don’t like the elected government, they don’t go to the polls; they just use force to kick the government out.

What will America say about people’s will in Venice, Catalonia and Egypt?



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