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What’s Kerry up to? March 9, 2014

Posted by hslu in Euro, Global Affair, Global Warming, Obama, Politics.
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First of all, Kerry isn’t the brightest secretary of state in the world. Amid the Ukraine crisis, he is demanding all US ambassadors to make climate change a priority.

Here is the headline on CNN website:

John Kerry: Climate change as big a threat as terrorism, poverty, WMDs


Don’t you think that the timing is a bit strange? How come Ukraine isn’t the top priority now?

Here is why:

There are many crises in the world and the once all-mighty United States and the incompetent Obama have no solution to any of them: Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Israel, China, Japan, Afghanistan and Iraq. And don’t forget Obamacare and rising national debt in the US too. In short, Obama doesn’t want Ukraine to be the topic on Sunday’s TV talk shows.

So what do Obama do? Divert people’s attention to something else and ask Kerry for ideas.


Kerry is going to discuss climate change from now on. No Ukraine. Climate change is bigger than WMD.

What Obama and Kerry really want to say is that Ukraine is not our problem. We really don’t give it a damn who takes what there.




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