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Liberals use Obamacare to re-distribute wealth January 17, 2014

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I’ve called Obamacare Obamashame in my blog because it hides the real purpose of the Not Affordable Care Act when Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all Democrats in the Congress passed the law despite objection from the majority of the American people.

The real purpose is to re-distribute wealth from people who pay federal tax, the 53%, to almost all people who sign up for the government health care system.

Here is one way liberals take money out of our pockets to many under Obamacare:

If you sign up with Obamashame you are very likely to get a tax credit.

Yeah, you say that you knew that.

But I bet that you don’t even have a clue who qualify for the subside:

Any people who make $94,200 per year for a family of four will get money from other people’s pockets.

Hmm…, that seems a little generous, don’t you think? But since the liberals are spending OPM to buy votes, they might as well cover as many people as they can while they were at it.

But, why $94,200?

It is 400% of the poverty level and it will be indexed to inflation. As this figure is revised up when government reports new income data, more people under Obamacare will get something from the ones who pay federal tax.

I am going to predict that people who make less than $94,200 per year will want to keep OPM coming and the logic conclusion is that they will vote Democrats back to the Congress and the WH.

Here is to the American’s middle class:呜呼哀哉,尚飨!You are forever doomed!

Open you pockets, the liberals are coming!



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