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Shame on you, Icahn October 8, 2013

Posted by hslu in stocks.
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Stock markets in the U.S. are manipulated by rich people like Icahn who front runs small investors, tweets about his large holding on certain stocks, profits from his tweets and gets away from it.

Shame on you, Icahn.

Here is what I mean:

The headline of an article on CNBC’s website on 10/7/2013 reads like this:

“Shares jump on Icahn’s energy company tweet”

Here is the tweet according to CNBC:

“Disclosed approx 61 million share position in Talisman Energy. May have conversations with mgmt re strategic alternatives, board seats, etc.”

After the tweet, Talisman’s stock jumped 9% after market closed that day.

In August 2013, Icahn’s tweet on Apple pushed AAPL’s market capitalization up by $17 billion.

This kind of open manipulation is unjust, unethical and above all unfair to small investors.

It should be banned.

The solution is simple:

Icahn should tweet his intention to sell his holding three days before he actually sells them.

This is only fair.


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