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US National Debt clock stopped working? August 16, 2013

Posted by hslu in Congress, Economics.
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The US national debt has remained the same since 5/28/2013 at $16.699396 trillion.

Hmmm… Who says that there is no hope to pay down the booming national debt?

The newly appointed treasury secretary has done it.

Here is the proof!

US National Debt remained the same since 5-28-2013














And this was how Mr. Jacob J. Lew put it in a letter to the Speaker of the House, The Honorable John A. Boehner:

“implementing the standard set of extraordinary measures that enable us, on a temporary basis, to protect the full faith and credit of the United
States by continuing to pay the nation’S bills.”

Source: http://www.treasury.gov/initiatives/Documents/Debt%20Limit%205-17-13%20Boehner.pdf

Good job!



1. dockilldare - October 16, 2013

so I guess you agree that if we raise the debt limit, to borrow more money to pay our bills, is not increasing the debt? what about the $60 trillion of unfunded liabilities the CBO reported would be coming from obamacare in 2012. are you really that stupid or just party loyal?


2. hslu - October 17, 2013

You misunderstood my point. I was being fictitious and sarcastic in this blog. The Obama adm. used bogus accounting technique to mask the real national debt data because we all know that the real national debt is much higher than what Treasury Dept. web site is showing.

I indented to generate another chart to show the actual national debt now that the federal government is back to work again.

BTW, please take time to read my other posts and you will find out that I am for small government and for reducing the debt. We need a 10 to 15% cut on the federal government to start with.

Thank you for your comment.

Good day.


Stacy Stegner - February 7, 2014

nice sarcasm. well done


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