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USA: A nation of Big Brothers August 13, 2013

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The US was once called the “land of the free.”
But is it still given the story on USA Today about two companies shutting down their email operations involuntarily?
USA TODAY – Damage from security state spreads

Two firms shut down e-mail services because they can’t protect cliens’ privacy from the NSA.


Look what this country we called USA has become to because of the constant threats created by a dead person: Osama.
We call it “what Osama did to Obama.”

The USA has become a country of

  • Electronic big brothers watching over everyone’s shoulders,
  • Secret prosecutions,
  • Wide spread of dragnet on their own citizens, and 
  • Diminishing personal freedom.
All of our emails, posts, tweets and messages  are at risk. They could one day come back to haunt us.



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