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馬英九, 中國和台灣的統一 April 14, 2013

Posted by hslu in China, Global Affair, Politics, Taiwan.

A few weeks ago I saw an article in the Chinese World Journal, 世界日報, about 連戰 meeting high level Chinese leaders discussing issues of the unification of China and Taiwan.

I commented before about 馬英九’s unwillingness to event mention unification for feel of criticism from the public and the opposition party. I also made some suggestions online because 馬英九 should use his second term to lay the ground rules in which the political discussion should follow. Well, of course, he won’t listen to me.

Now that the high profile visit by 連戰 has started the bilateral discussion, whether 馬英九 likes it or not, what I think will happen is the discussion will progress w/o 馬英九. 25 or 50 years from now when unification becomes a reality, 馬英九 will be left without a legacy to show off.

Eventually, the history will show the credit belonged to 連戰 and the others. 馬英九, under his policy of 不戰,不統,不和,was the undisputed bumbler who was left holding the bag.

Poor 馬英九!He can’t help it! The indecision is in his blood. After 5 years in the office, he has no place to hide anymore.


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