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International Space Station January 5, 2012

Posted by hslu in China.
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When you make less than you’ve been spending over the years, you can run up a huge bill on your credit cards, get loans from your local bankers, or cut back on spending.

The United States has been spending way beyond its means for the past several years. It has been doing all it can to borrow from whoever was willing to lend except cutting back on what needs to be cut the most: entitlements and welfare benefits.

But, to give credit where credit is due, we have to point out that the US has cut back on some programs such as NASA’s manned Space program about 18 months ago.

As you are aware, NASA’s mission under Obama has been changed from “Manned Expedition of Space” to, among others, “reach out to the Muslim world,” because it will help Islamic nations “feel good” about their scientific accomplishments. As you can image, reaching out to Arab nations won’t cost that much money because NASA will be able to afford a few meals of kabob with rice and bread. Furthermore, sending people to the space accomplished little except boasted the ego of the United States plus the prestige that came with it.

In case you are wondering, the unspoken reason for trashing NASA was “The United States is broke.” Besides, the US can hire Russians to do the dirty work, such as shuttling people back and forth from the International Space Station (ISS,) much cheaper too.

Well, there is a small problem though: the Russians aren’t that reliable when it comes to sending stuff into the space.

Over the last year, the Russians had several accidents with their space program and they lost five satellites, a mini-orbiter for Mars   from China before Thanksgiving and a cargo ship to ISS before Christmas.

It appears to me that the US space program is dying and the Space Station may be in danger of running out of supplies.

If Russia continues to have problem with their Soyuz rockets, China may be able to offer some assistance in the not too distant future because China has been testing their version of a Space Station over the past couple of years. Some progress has been made recently and a new, more ambitious space program has been plotted to 2016 even though China is far behind the US and Russia in space technology.


In the mean time, the International Space Station has to do with whatever it has until Russia sends out another cargo ship. Well, just pee into the space for now.


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