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Sign of Recession October 28, 2011

Posted by hslu in Economics, Food, Small Business.
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I was going to buy a piece of ham from Honey Baked Ham store across the street from my restaurant yesterday for the up coming Thanksgiving dinner party but found the store closed for good.

The sign was taken down from the store and the inside was empty.

It is yet another sign of the terrible recession, yes, it felt like a recession to many of my customer, which forced many national chain stores to shut their doors.

I knew the store manager who used to buy food for his employees at Christmas time in the past.

He told me that he usually couldn’t break even for many months of a year and had to rely on November and December to make up the volume holiday shoppers and from corporate clients. His sandwich business wasn’t too good because his selection was very limited.

Jason’s Deli opened its NV location in the same shopping center almost 2 years ago which must have taken away many of his lunch sandwich business.

With people buying hams from Costco and Sam’s for the holiday, Honey Baked Ham just couldn’t wait for the next Thanksgiving to save it from bankruptcy any more.

Time is tough and it really shows at the shopping center across the street from ours.

I now wonder what will come to that location next. The rent has to be about $40 and not many business can afford this kind of rent in time like this.

There is another empty space in the same shopping center. Ut’s been empty for a year now.



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