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How about a 20% cut instead? November 29, 2010

Posted by hslu in Economics, jobs, Military, Obama, Politics.

Originally it was 1.4% pay raise for all federal workers as proposed by Obama in the midst of 0% raise for all social security recipients 2 years in a row.


Now it was no raise for 2 years as reported by the AP.

Citing deficit, Obama to freeze federal worker pay


Last I heard, the federal deficits for 2011 is $1.3 trillion. The flip flop Obama’s $5 billion cut in federal labor cost, or 0.38%, is less than the rounding error.

How about a 20% cut in salary for all federal employees and a 20% drop in number of employees on top of a across the-board 20% cut in contractors.The $700+ billion defense budget should be cut as well. The United States does not need 10 air carriers (plus multiple supply and protection ships for each) and the United States does not need so many foreign stations either while millions in America suffer on a daily basis.

The private sector had a nearly 10% unemployment rate and a 17+% U6 unemployment rate. Yet the federal work force had increased in recent years and they have enjoyed raises unheard of in private sectors, except at the banking firms and Wall Street giants.

The federal government deserve a 15 to 20% cut in work force and an equal amount cut in salary as well.


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