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Chinese supercomputer the fastest in the world November 29, 2010

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Slowly but surely, China is over-taking US in many areas.

There are no plants in the US making socks, shirts or shoes. Toys are mostly made in foreign countries, including China. GM went down the drain but was pulled out by the government using our money. Ford stayed alive but is burdened with a huge pension and health care liabilities.  North Carolina still has a few dying furniture manufactures. Steel mills in the US have gone to foreign countries as well. iPhone and iEverything are almost all made in China.No one makes TV, monitors, DVDs, Blue ray players, etc. in the US.

The US used to have monopoly on supercomputer but it also fell by the way side and the new champion is none other than a Chinese made 天河一号, “Tianhe-1A,” which means “Milky Way” in Mandarin. Petroleum technologies have mostly transferred to China during the past ten years. Tallest buildings are no longer showing up in the America.


What’s left in the US that China or India has little hope of catching up in the near future?

  1. Fighter jets, smart bombs, super tanks, and air carriers,
  2. Commercial airplanes,
  3. Number of nuclear missiles,
  4. Innovations on medicine and medical instruments. But these will be put to death by ObamaCare in no time,
  5. Innovations on software
  6. Football teams,
  7. Aerospace technologies but the gap is narrowing,
  8. Wheat, corns, and some ag products,
  9. Muslim haters,
  10. Graduate schools on science, technology and law. The MBAs from the US business schools but they have messed up the entire financial system of the world,
  11. Number of lawyers,
  12. Federal budget deficits and national debt,
  13. Trade deficits,
  14. Barrels of crude oil import from foreign countries,
  15. And I am sure there are others that I didn’t think of right now.

But the point is that it further demonstrate the downhill ride that the United States is enjoying in the past several years.

Is anyone thinking about immigrating to China? Or India, for that matter.



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