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Islam 1: Christianity 0 September 14, 2010

Posted by hslu in Global Affair, Islam, Obama, Politics.
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In the first run of the 21st century version of the religious war, Christianity lost to Islam in the battle ground in Florida.

Under the cloak of “protecting the troops,” Obama once again showed his appeasing to Muslims instinct and kowtow to Islam one more time.

One step at the time, the Sharia law is gaining ground on the soil of the United States as American value is pushing aside by Obama.

The president  of the United States threw the US Constitution on the ground and gave in to the threat of Muslims.


1. jonolan - September 14, 2010

Sometimes you have to accept that you’re going to lose some of the early battles so that the masses begin to understand the threat posed by the enemy and their collaborators.

Soon from the look of things we, the People will solve for the problem. At that time a more merciful sort than I might pity the Muslim vermin and the dhimmi traitors who support them.


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