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Congress spent Our Tax Money on Mosques all over the worldreturn? September 8, 2010

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In case you don’t know:

Our tax money has been used to restore mosques and other culture sites all over the world for the past ten years.

Here are some States Department projects in the Middle East and North Africa funded by our tax money.

Middle East & North Africa

34. Algeria: Conservation of Murals at the Early 19th‐Century Palace of Hadj Ahmed Bey in Constantine, $30,000

35. Egypt: Restoration of the Late 19th‐Century Villa Castagli $63,210

36. Jerusalem: Conservation and Protection of Trench One at Tell Es‐Sultan in Jericho $80,550

37. Jordan: Restoration of the Nabataean Flash Flood Protection System at Petra $83,700

38. Lebanon: Conservation of the 8th‐Century Public Baths in the Umayyad City of Anjar $55,000

39. Libya: Documentation and Training in the Management of Archaeological Collections at  the Ancient Greek Site of Cyrene

40. Morocco: Restoration of 17th‐ and 18th‐Century Monuments in the Kasbah of Mehdiya $100,000

There are two projects in China:

13. China: Restoration of the Guangong Temple Grotto Entrance Gate and Other Structures at the 7th‐Century Grottoes of the Giant Buddha Temple $43,988

14. China: Restoration of the Late 16th‐Century Grand Mosque in Tongxin $76,135

All together, there are a total of 63 projects in 56 countries in 2010 with a total award of  $5,959,811.

For 2009 and 2008, our government spent $5,452,609 and $4,731,431 of our tax money, respectively on various other projects.

Now a days, many people in the United States are scrapping from the bottom of their piggy banks to get by. But obviously some people in these foreign countries are making a good living off our tax money. Please do not tell this to the guys who are receiving his or her 99th unemployment checks. They may not like what they hear.

Now you know why the United States is broke.

btw, have we got anything in return over the last ten years? A “Thank You” card or perhaps a new proposal for more money from us to fix another mosque in a village near by?

What I do not understand is how come Muslims all over the world still hate the United States?

On one hand, the State Department is spends our tax money fixing mosques all over the world. On the other hand, the Defense Department sends American soldiers to some countries to kill their citizens we deemed dangerous which is then followed by State Department putting in a new government that the US thinks is friendly to the US.

Does it make sense to you?


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