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Trade deficit with China June 14, 2010

Posted by hslu in Energy, Global Affair, Obama, Politics.
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In 2009, America’s trade deficit with China was $227 billion. The United States made a big fuss with China and wants China to raise the value of Renminbi by as much as 40%.

China does not agree and declare that China will watch its own interests in determining the value of its currency.

Lost in the noise from Congress and the Obama administration is this fact:

America imports about 11.9 million barrels of oil every day in 2009. EVERYDAY! 365 days a year.

At $70 per barrel, we are talking about transferring $300 billion every year from our pockets to oil rich countries in the world.

And the number will gradually increase from now on into years in the future.

Now, Americans, do you still feel rich giving so much money away?

Since Obama is on such a good term with his Muslim buddies by trashing Israel, Obama should raise hell with these Arab countries and demand a special discount of at least 40% below the market price on oil coming into the US.

I think I know why Obama is such a appeaser to Muslims.


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