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A hole big enough for America April 29, 2010

Posted by hslu in China, Economics, Health Insurance, Obama, Politics.

If you haven’t seen this, you should. If you still don’t realize how big a hole the U.S. has dug for itself, watch the show and you’ll have some idea.


You think the problem is bad and yes it actually is. For 2010, that is!

But you should not lose the fact that this is just one year’s spending under the first black president. And the portion to the right of the blue line will get bigger and bigger by the day. It will be a lot worse when Obama and Democrat’s health reform bill kicks in in three years.

Hmm, we will need China to help pay for this for a long time. Maybe that’s why Obama bowed to China’s premier at DC because he was afraid that Chinese premier may ask him to pay back China’s money after their meeting. Did any one hear Obama saying that he needs China’s help?

Democrats want big government and they achieved that with the help of the most liberal president in American’s history. Democrats want big taxes and they got their wish with the new medicare taxes. And they are working on getting more of our money through more regulation and laws such as cap and trade bill. Democrats like big spending and they got their foot into the health care business.

What I do not understand is why American people vote Democrats knowing that they are actually digging a  hole that’s big and deep enough for themselves and for their children and grandchildren too.

Do the American people not see the danger in front of them?

Do the American people not know this debt has to be paid back some day in the future?

Yet, the American people kept voting Democrats back to the Congress and elected a black guy who had no experience what so ever as American’s president.

This has left me puzzled. I wonder:

Is it because that everyone wants a piece of the pie that’s free?

Or is it because people are afraid of losing their free benefits if they vote Republican?

Or is it because the Americans are so short-sighted that they do not know how bad the situation is? All they want is something free from the government.

Or is it because the federal government is simply a reflection of how American people as a whole live their lives and how they run their own family budgets: multiple credit cards, pile of debt, free spending on things they want, lavish vacations, fancy cars whether they can afford it or not and, to top it off, very little savings?

Obama wanted to cut $100 million from the the portion to the right of the blue line as if it could some how solve the deficit problem. Instead, he ran up the biggest spending program ever for the American people and pat himself on the back for doing so.

What he should have done was to make the government smaller. He should have over years cut the federal government budget across the board by 10% and lay off 10% of the federal government work force to make the portion to the right of the blue line significantly smaller. Every year, the bottom 5% of the federal government employees should be laid off to make the government more efficient. Private companies do this all the time. It is about time the federal government does the same thing too.



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