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朋友回台小聚 “peng2 you3 hui2 tai2 xiao3 ju4” December 29, 2009

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朋友回台小聚 “peng2 you3 hui2 tai2 xiao3 ju4”

A friend of ours will go back to Taiwan after a 6-month stay. I made several dishes and bought them to her house last night for a dinner party with a few other friends.

I chose seafood as the main ingredient because they all like seafood except me.

Roasted Sea Eel with 杨梅 in Red Wine Sauce

The dried  杨梅 “yang2 mei2” or Chinese Bayberry added a delicious taste to the eel. The simple dish was easy to make and 杨梅 sure added another level of complex flavor to this dish. Sea eel is a commonly found with a popular sushi, Unagi. Try 杨梅 when you are in the mood of adventure.

Prawn with Pine Nuts

Little Neck Clams in White Wine Sauce

Scallops in Butter Sauce

The last dish was ground shrimp and pork meat balls with roasted chestnuts. The chestnuts were pre-cooked and I got from the Korean grocery store.

My dishes got high praises probably because they wanted to make me feel good. But heck, I had a good time making it. They were quick and easy to make. It only took me less than 2 hours yesterday morning. I also enjoyed eating them too. Every single one of them. The sauces were delicious but needed a little more reduction. Shrimp was fresh and roasted pine nuts were good addition to this dish with no sauce. Ground shrimp and pork balls were so delicious that they practically melt in my mouth.

Separation is always difficult to take especially when it is unclear when we’ll meet again. People make friends all the time but few last very long. Distance and time often make lasting friendship difficult.friends are like this. Husband and wife are no exception either

Well, I am sure we’ll meet again if not here then in Taiwan if we have enough 缘分. As we get older, friends near-by become more important because kids are usually far away and busy with their lives.

At our host’s house, we also met another guest who practices Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Northern Virginia and Maryland. He taught us a few simple things to do which should make our lives more enjoyable. He also helped our host to quit his 30-year smoking habit in just 3 acupuncture sessions. However, he said that acupuncture merely played a supporting role to alleviate the uncomfortable reaction after quitting smoking. A person’s will is the primary driving force if someone wants to quit this bad habit.make sense to me.


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