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The Record Snowfall of December 2009 December 27, 2009

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The Record Snowfall of December 2009

Officially at Reagan National Airport, the snowfall of December 2009 measured 16.6 inches, beating the old record of 16.2” set in December 1962. At Dulles Airport, the record was 21”; 3” shy of 24.2” record set in 1966. At our house, we had about 20” of snow.

Like most businesses in Northern Virginia, our restaurants were closed on Saturday, December 19, 2008 but Bao had to work on that day.

I took her to work around 7 AM and the road condition was terrible already with snow coming down hard and fast. At that time, we have already had 8″ of snow on the ground. After coming back from the hospital where she worked, I shoveled some snow off the driveway because more snow was coming. If I didn’t, I might not be able to get out of my driveway later to pick her up after work.

Snow Plow on Reston Parkway south of Tollway.

4:30 PM near Navy Elementary School

INOVA Hospital Parking Lot

Originally I expected to take her home around 8 PM. I knew it would be very difficult by then because snow plows and sand trucks just couldn’t keep it up with the heavy snowfall. The road condition was deteriorating fast and many cars and trucks got stuck along the streets everywhere. The worst of it all was that it was very hard to see where the center of the road was.

Since the side streets weren’t plowed, getting in and out of our community was even more difficult. I could easily get stuck and Maria may have to spend a night in the hospital like a few of her colleagues have done.

Fortunately she called me at 4 PM and I was very happy to hear the news because an hour of day light would make all the difference. I took her home around 5:25 PM thanks to my 4 Runner, my excellent driving skill and a lot of patient.

By that time, the sky has already become dark and there was no sigh of snow would stop anytime soon.

The majestic Trees in my Front Yard

Fortunately snow finally stopped at around midnight; 6 hours earlier than forecast. The next morning was a beautiful day with sun shine and clear sky. Our restaurants were able to open and we begun to dig out from all that snow.

Drive Way


Fish Pond


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