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Fisherman’s Inn and Crab Deck in Maryland Eastern Shore – May 2009 May 27, 2009

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Fisherman’s Inn in Maryland Eastern Shore – May 2009

Jennifer came home for her yeye’s birthday celebration on Wednesday May 6th, 2009. We had a very nice dinner at oriental Gourmet Chinese restaurant in Arlington, VA. She stayed until the weekend to help with the cooking extravaganza at 依府 Yi’s resident for Mother’s day celebration.

We decided to take Jennifer on a day trip to Maryland’s Eastern Shore for some seafood on Saturday, May 9th, 2009. I have googled the restaurants in Eastern Shores the day before and decided on Fisherman’s Inn for lunch. It is very popular with the tourists and has been there for more than 70 years. We left the house around noon and it took us about an hour to drive to the restaurant on the other side of the Bay Bridge.

fisherman's Inn and crab deck

The restaurant is huge with about 500 seats in separate dinning rooms. The waiting room near the front door has several rows of wooden benches for about 40 people. We were led to a window booth over-looking a small garden complete with a small waterfall and a pond. The garden was well maintained which reminded me of the work I put into my backyard. The restaurant also had displays of old style china for oysters which filled several cabinets thought out the dinning area and hall ways.



We quickly checked out the menu and ordered the following:

• Hot Crab & Artichoke Dip ($11.99) with very generous portion of lump crab meat but not a lot of artichoke hearts though. I didn’t like the cracker that came with the dip either.

• Two orders of Oysters on the half-shell for $7.98 each. They were served with shrimp cocktail and horseradish on the side. The oysters were fresh and great! I believed that Jennifer could eat another 2 orders.

• Deep-fried Crab Cake ($15.99) with French Fries. It has good amount of crab meat but sure tasted different from eating a whole crab.

• Shellfish Linguine ($12.99) with plenty of shrimp, clams and crab meat in a marinara lobster sauce. This dish was the best dish among our entrees. The linguini was coated with creamy sauces and the seafood was properly cooked so that they were tender and not chewy.

• Oven Boiled Flounder Fillet with lobster cream sauce for $17.00, This dish wasn’t worth the plate it was served on even though the serving portion was very large for the price: the fish was bland, slightly over-cooked and tasted like coming out from a plastic bag than from a boat.

• A ½ bottle of Adelsheim Pinot Gris for $18 from Oregon. The wine was crispy but lacks the depth and complexity of Pinot Gris from California and Italy but it was okay for $18.


We finished the lunch and walked to the fish market and crab house next door. Jennifer was disappointed that we didn’t go to the crab deck for lunch. I told her that we’ll come back next time when xiao is home. Since it was still early we decided to drive to the Eastern Shore instead of going back home since Rehoboth Beach of Delaware is only an hour away.

Rehoboth Beach is a small beach town at the southern end of Delaware. Maria and I have been there a couple of times but Jennifer hasn’t. There are several outlet shopping malls along the major highway in the town and many stores had great sales probably because recession has affected their sales. Jennifer and Maria each bought some nice looking jeans and tops at less than $10 each. Maria also bought a colorful short jacket for $25. Before heading home, I wanted to take a look of the beach since we’ve only spent time in the shopping center. I followed the sign to the beach and was surprised to find the place was filled with shops, restaurants and hotels. I found a great spot to park my car because it was less than 20’ away from the beach and all the eating places. The beach was clean and there weren’t many people there because it was rather late by then. We walked on the beach and I planned to have dinner there after sunset. Unfortunately within 2 minutes of our stroll, the sky got dark, the wind began to blow and huge raindrops poured down very hard. Luckily I had a small umbrella with me for Maria and I used Maria’s coat to cover Jennifer and myself. Even with our car so close to the beach, I got my shirt and pants all wet. We got in the car and decided to drive back to Virginia. By that time, the sun has begun to set and people started to leave.

On the way back, we decided to have dinner at Fisherman’s Crab Deck instead of waiting for our next trip here. Since my shirt is wet, we turned the heater on full blast and dried it within half hour or so. By the time we got there, it was about 45 minutes from its closing time.

We ordered a pitcher of Blue Moon ($12.99.) a dozen of large steamed crab ($52,) 3 corns ($2.29 each,) a mud pie ($4.75) and an order of onion peddles ($7.99.) I chose the large crab because it has more meat although it was $15 more than the next size.



After we placed our order, a young man came over and covered our table top with paper. The beer came quickly and everything else came shortly after that except the mud cake. The crabs came on a big tray and all of them were covered with spices. We didn’t waste any time and began to dig in with the help of a mallet and paring knife. Jennifer and Maria each had a bib but I was able to keep my semi-dried shirt clean through out my meal. The crab was great even for me because I usually don’t eat crab at all. Even when Maria got the meat out of the crab shell, I still don’t like it. But this meal was different: the crabs were meatier and covered with spices, the beer was cold and smooth, the corn (quite expensive though) was tender and buttery and it was fun trying to get crab meat out of its claws and body. The drawn butter wasn’t my favorite so I stayed with the old fashion cocktail sauce. The onion peddles was purely a waste of money and the mud cake was just okay.

By the end of the meal, I had already became a mallet expert on blue crabs but Jennifer was still searching for the magic touch. I quickly finished my shares of four crabs followed by Maria. Jennifer turned out to be the last guest in the restaurant who was still working on her crabs when restaurant staff began to leave for the day.

We left the crab deck around 11 PM, took US 50 through the center of Washington DC and got home around midnight. The trip was short but fun. We let our spontaneity to guide us. It turned out to be fun and memorable. We certainly will go back to Rehoboth, visit that shopping area and walk on the beach. We will likely go back to the Crab Deck during the day around September and October when crabs are at their best and to enjoy the scenery of the Chesapeake Bay.


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