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New guy trying out at the front counter October 30, 2008

Posted by hslu in My Restaurant.

Today (Wednesday) was my day of work. Both lunch and dinner shifts.

A new guy, Mr. Zhang Li Ming, showed up around noon asking to fill a full-time position at the front counter. I had placed a classified ad on Chinese World Journal looking for a full-or part-time counter assistance. The ad runs 7 days and costs $49. When I placed the ad, I was told that we can not specify the gender of the applicants. I actually wanted a female applicant but got a guy. Well.

He had talked to Raymond on Tuesday before and Raymond asked him to come today if he is interested. I had him changed into our uniform and put him to work with the others. We’ll try him out for 2 weeks and then decide whether to keep him or continue our search.

I told him that the most important things about working here are:

1. Treat our customers politely and with a smile.

2. Work well with other employees inside the counter and in the kitchen.

I told him that i want everyone working here be happy and without back stabbing or bad mouth others. I hope he got the message. Every time when we had to find a new employee, either a chef or a counter helper, it always takes some time to find the right one. I told him that We’ll give him 2 weeks and see how good a person he is.

He came to the US a month ago and currently lives with his cousin near Jin Shan (金山 a Chinese grocery store) in Annandale. He had learned English in China but I don;t know how fast he can catch up with the duties.

He doesn’t have a car so he had to take bus to and from work. That’s a difficult position to be in. I am not sure he’ll stay here very long though.

We’ll see.


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